Who We Are

Kivu Choice is a vertically integrated Aquaculture company based in Rwanda with associated feed mill, hatchery, cage production, distribution, and sales outlets. Founded in late 2021, and now producing over 500 thousand fish meals a month, we are Africa’s fastest growing fish farm and the largest protein producer in Rwanda.

Our mission is to democratize access to animal protein by radically increasing affordability and supply across the region. We do this through continuous innovation and careful execution across every step of the value chain, and by hiring and developing the very best talent across Rwanda.

What We Do

The Hatchery

Our hatchery is one of the largest by capacity in Africa with current fingerling (baby fish) production capacity of over 5 million pieces a month. Our state-of-the-art incubation system and data-driven farming practices have enabled us to run our operations with industry-leading performance metrics.

Production Farm

Kivu Choice’s cage-based farming operation is located on Lake Kivu, Nyamasheke District, where our fish are grown to harvest. Social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of these operations; our objective is to not only build the largest but also the most sustainable protein production platform in the region.

Sales & Logistics

We harvest daily from Lake Kivu to ensure that our fish is the freshest on the market. By owning and operating our nationwide branches and distribution centers, we’re able to ensure the best quality product at the lowest price, with the greatest level of accessibility to our customers. You will find our Kivu Choice branded outlets in the main markets and commercial centers across the country.

Our Team

Our Results and Timelines


200 tonnes Harvested Monthly


360 full-time and Casual Jobs Created


Fastest Growing Fish Farm in Africa


Largest Protein Producer in Rwanda

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