Kivu Choice, Victory Farms raise $35m for expansion in Rwanda, East Africa

The East African aquaculture group consisting of Kivu Choice Rwanda and Victory Farms Kenya announced this month the completion of their Series B fundraising round for $35 million, constituting the largest ever investment in Africa’s aquaculture industry, to fund the expansion of the group’s operations in Rwanda and Kenya, and potential entries into Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Impact investor DOB Equity, invests in East African fish farm, Victory Farms.

November 2020 DOB Equity, a Dutch family office, is investing in Victory Farms, East Africa’s largest commercial fish farm to allow the firm to scale up its production capacity and expand its reach across the Kenyan market. By investing in Victory Farms, the Private Equity fund with offices in Kenya and the Netherlands will be […]

Open Roads’ bridge loans aid social enterprises battered by Covid-19

July 2020 COVID-19 provided an opening for Kenya’s fish-farming industry. Chinese tilapia imports have long dominated the market, but health fears and trade bottlenecks have allowed for local farms to gain market share. Local fish producers, including Victory Farms, Kenya’s largest, needed funds to quickly scale-up production. Open Road is among the lenders that gave […]

How not to rely on China for fish supply.

July 2020 Located at the offshore of Roo beach in Homa Bay county, Victory Farms is destined to supplement the tilapia shortage in the country, while changing the lives of locals. The farm covers 216 acres. It produces its own tilapia in hatcheries, rearing the fingerlings in their ponds, then after some time transferring to […]

Is tilapia caging the solution for sex-for-fish trade?

July 2020 In 2016, the life of the widow changed drastically, when she came across Victory Farms in Roo. The farm is involved in breeding, processing and selling of fish. After three years working and supplying fish bred there, Atipa earned enough to support her children and build a two-bedroom iron sheet house. Read more…

Low-carbon, sustainable protein for East Africa.

July 2020 Victory Farms is a sustainable aquaculture business that produces tilapia on Lake Victoria and sells primarily in low-income neighborhoods across Kenya. Their mission is to build a commercial tilapia farm that can feed 2 billion Africans with affordable, accessible and healthy protein over the next two decades, while also taking extensive measures to protect and restore the environment in […]

Taking the stage at the Norway Aquavision Conference.

June 2018 Victory Farms was invited to Aquavision to present on our growth trajectory, sustainability vision and exciting plans to solve the regional protein problem. Other speakers included former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Princess Victoria of Sweden, and aquaculture CEOs from across the globe. Click to learn more about why we consider Africa’s “equatorial belt” the next […]

Building Kenyan commercial aquaculture.

April 2018 CNN interviews Victory Farms in a two-part series about Kenyan aquaculture, Chinese tilapia imports, and solutions to cold chain and distribution. Click to learn more about what sets us apart from other fish providers in the region! Read more…

How Cage Farming in Lake Victoria is boosting fish supply.

April 2018 It is early morning in Sindo Beach, Homa Bay County in western Kenya. At the Victoria Farms, workers are seen clocking in for work then proceeding to their various planning meetings. The fish farm has more than 200 employees comprising cleaners, cage managers, fish feeders, hatchery workers, and fishmongers. A flurry of activity […]

Skretting tilapia forum.

February 2018 Tilapia represents one of aquaculture’s greatest success stories of recent times; transitioning from small-scale, rural farming into one of the world’s most productive and internationally traded fish, thereby providing a nutritious and inexpensive protein to consumers in many markets. Indeed, it is estimated that the global tilapia harvest has now reached a level […]